Choreographic work premiered at the GUGGENHEIM BILBAO museum

  on the occasion of the exposition ARCHITECTURE EFFECTS




Ana F Henry
Ana F Henry

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Ana F Henry
Ana F Henry

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Ana F Henry
Ana F Henry

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The Architecture Effects exhibition, which celebrated the connections between art and architecture, opened at the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum in December 2018. Puzzling, a project centered on physical construction processes, was presented for this occasion at the Atrium of the museum. The choreography was originally created from a series of drawings, which the performers themselves created and used as graphic scores. The content was also inspired by a number of three dimensional objects made by local visual artist Mabi Revuelta.


Puzzling is an ongoing study on the architecture of the individual and the temporal and spatial arrangement of the body in motion. Mai Ishiwata, Robert Jackson and Blanca Arrieta compose, order and disarrange their own choreographic materials. Through this self-construction process they transcend their structural dimension, establishing their own exchange dynamics and promoting experiences in relation to space, perception and individuality.

This project, moreover, is born with the idea of ​​finding new ways to interact with the audience outside their usual spaces of representation. It takes shape in very diverse contexts: museums, exhibition halls, singular architectural buildings and spaces that allow proximity. Puzzling recognize the changing nature of the relationships generated, both in space and with the observer, exploring their possibilities.

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← Graphic scores 

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← Three-dimensional objects

Artistic conception and direction

Blanca Arrieta
Creation and interpretation

Graphic scores
Mai Ishiwata, Robert Jackson y Blanca Arrieta

Sound creation, original music
Itziar Madariaga
Art direction

Mabi Revuelta
Artistic Accompaniment
Mizel Théret

Sonia Curiel

Promotional videos

Ana F. Henry


Juan Félix Ruiz, Ana F. Henry

Work distribution
Marian Gerrikabeitia


External partners
Azkuna Zentroa / Alhóndiga Bilbao
CDART / Bilbao Dance Centre
Mano de Santa / Espacio creativo y polivalente


Bilbao Council

Thanks to

Guggenheim Bilbao Museum

Work subsidized by the Culture and Linguistic Policy Department of the Basque Government

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