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Indoors  50'

The determination to be, to breathe and to play the space which we occupy, one where repetition is always experienced differently. The performers find themselves in a continuous search for a time and a space to exist and from which to create links. We are still refering to conflict of all forms, in search for the perfect balance within the ambiguous, the unstable and everything that we are.

Choreography and artistic direction

Blanca Arrieta

Performed by

Pilar Andrés, Robert Jackson

Music composition

Itziar Madariaga

Light design

Oscar Grijalba

Process set proposal

Marc Cano


Mauma Kultur Elkartea 

 Video creation

Ana F Henry, Beatriz Catalán - Dreaminpictures


Juan Félix Ruiz

Artistic residency at

Muelle3, espacio de danza y creación de Bilbao

Artistic and technical residency at

Kurtzio Kultur Etxea, Sopela

External partner

CDART, Erandio

Subsidiced by

Gobierno Vasco - Eusko Jaurlaritza

Departamento de Cultura y Política Linguística

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