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Created and performed by: Blanca Arrieta

I wonder what presence does movement have in an exhibition hall.

I also wonder how long it takes for a body to speak.


This project raises a series of questions about the language of movement when used in exhibition halls and museum spaces. What forces drive movement and what shape does it take within the space it occupies? What sense does it make? How does the body interact and what relationships generate in the presence of those art works?


Eso is a work that explores how dance intervenes in an exhibition space. On this occasion the exhibition is "That Time. Arte Ederren Bilboko Museoa - Tabakalera", where works by different authors, periods and styles dialogue with each other in close proximity or more subtlety by interacting at greater distance.


This proposal aims to enter into this dialogue. The body moves through the exhibition rooms, advancing, accelerating or stopping, generating a continuum of possible relationships. It is about materializing, and making hidden tensions and geometries visible. Through stillness. Through silence. In close proximity or more subtlety by interacting at greater distance. Ultimately, it is the audience, as they observe these new perceptions, who will make all this possible.


Eso is everything that happens through the rhythms and silences of a body in a moment of time. What, in that now? The intervention evolves throughout the different locations of the exhibition space. It begins in silence. The silence which surrounds the stillness of bodies as they listen and observe each other. The moment something or someone moves, relationships change.

This project has been developed within the framework of the creation residency linked to the exhibition “That Time. Bilbao Fine Arts Museum-Tabakalera”, which includes an important part of the collection of the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum.

Eso at the 84ª Quincena Musical of San Sebastián

TABAKALERA Dantzan Season

19,20 and 22/08/2023

Duration: 50min.

Photography: Quincena Musical - Iñigo Ibañez

"For a body to be able to listen in stillness and silence,

it must first be develloped in motion."

Peter Brook

Produced with the collaboration of Tabakalera and the Quincena Musical of San Sebastián.

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