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Indoors  50'

In this work we continue the research on the relationship between body and space initiated in 2015 with the project "Sujetos", premiered as a site-specific at Azkuna Zentroa, Bilbao. The audience enters a silent room, a space loaded with tension. Two figures breath calmly in their immobility, while awaiting for their moment to start. Perhaps we will recover the actual time of things. Once they regain their weight.

Choreography and artistic direction

Blanca Arrieta

Created and performed by

Robert Jackson, Blanca Arrieta

Music composition, sound coordination

Itziar Madariaga

Música preexistente / soundtrack

J. S. Bach

Design and creation of sculpture

Mabi Revuelta

Light design

Marc Cano

 Video creation

Ana F. Henry - Dreaminpictures

Artistic and technical residency at


Artistic residency at

CDART, Erandio

Creation residency at

La Fundición, Bilbao

External partner

Mano de Santa - Espacio creativo y polivalente

Subsidiced by

Gobierno Vasco - Eusko Jaurlaritza

Departamento de Cultura y Política Lingüística

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