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Blanca Arrieta (Vitoria, 1970) is a dance creator and collaborator with numerous contemporary creations to her name. She received her training at London Contemporary Dance School/The Place. In 2000, after working as a freelance performer for several choreographers and companies throughout Spain, England and Ireland, began to express her own choreographic voice. Initially, this was through an intense focus on movement exclusively.


Works produced during this period are: “Vértigo” (2000), “Zero” (2001) and “3600” (2003). She continued refining her craft through the creations: “Memoria” (2005), “Efecto Mariposa” (2006), “Rest” (co-produced by El Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona in 2007), “En la ciudad de los ángeles” (2008), “Muda” (2008), “Chalada” (2009) and “Frágil” (co-produced by Agora de la Danse and Montréal Danse, Cánada, in 2010). The process of creating these pieces has resulted in an established character and personality to the work. In recent years she has combined the creation of her own: “Argh!” (2014), "Sujetos" (2015), "Despacio" (2016), "Una serie de aproximaciones sucesivas" (2018), "Puzzling" (2018), "Puzzling Solos" (2019), "Siringe" (2021) and "360" (2021), with various collaborations, to further develop her craft outside of her own production.

Based in Bilbao, she has produced works of very varying nature that have been seen throughout Spain and Europe, and as far afield as Canada and USA.

In 2018 she was one of the artist in residency of the program Atalak 2.0 of Dantzaz Company, collaborated with visual artist Mabi Revuelta on her project “Acromatica" and participated in the performance "Any table any room" of Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion at the Artium Museum, InTacto Festival (Vitoria). Also collaborates with the artists Inés Bermejo and Carla Fernández in their project "Germinal", a series of documentaries about the processes of artistic creation.

Her project “Puzzling” premiered at the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum on December 2018, for the occasion of the "Architecture Effects” exposition. “Puzzling” focusses on physical construction processes, an ongoing study on the architecture of the individual and the temporal and spatial arrangement of the body in motion.

During 2019 Blanca works on the theatre adaptation of "Puzzling", developing a series of solos focused on the fragmentation of time and the attentive listening. The Vigo Faculty of Fine Arts (University of Pontevedra) supports the development of the production "Puzzling Solos", promoting a collaboration between Blanca Arrieta and the visual artist André Anta. She also participates in the fourth edition of "La escucha errante", an encounter organised by KLEM Electroacoustic Music Laboratory and the UPV / EHU University, in which artists from contemporary music with electronics, performance and dance meet to experiment around the theme of isolation. In 2020 she directed a creation residency at Plesni Teater Llubljana (PTL) in Slovenia with the project “Temporarily aligned bodies”, an exchange project promoted by the Dantzaz Company. Between 2016 and 2018 she was part of the coordination team and artistic assistant for Dantzan Bilaka, a scheme run by the Basque Government for the development of Dance.


Last September 2021 Blanca presented her latest collaboration work with KLEM Laboratory, “Siringe”, at the Terminal FICC Space in Zorrotzaurre (Bilbao), a unique cultural space created by restoring an old industrial facility. She currently participates on a project associated with the European program TRAINART (Artistic Interventions in Unconventional Contexts) with the mediation of Hacería Arteak.


Some of the festivals, theatres and venues where Blanca Arrieta´s works have been presented are:

Museo Guggenheim Bilbao

Museo Artium, Vitoria


IVAM, Valencia

Sala Rekalse, Bilbao

Montehermoso, Vitoria

Le Globe Theatre, Bordeaux

Le Colisée, Biarritz

South Bank Centre, Londres

Off-Cinars, Montréal

APAP Festival, Nueva York

Bourse Rideau, Quebec

Dublin Fringe Festival, Dublin

Festival Escena Contemporánea, Madrid

Festival Dantzaldia, Bilbao

Le Temps d'Aimer la Danse, Biarritz

D'Feria, San Sebastián

Festival Díes de Danza, Barcelona

Festival Isto Ferve, Vigo

Festival Alter-Arte, Murcia

Festival Lekuz-Leku, Bilbao

Festival Sitges Teatre Internacional Creació Contemporania, Sitges

Festival de Danza Cuatro Estaciones, Sintra

Festival Trayectos, Zaragoza

Festival Trayectos, Huesca

Festival Catropezas, Vigo

Nerja en Danza, Málaga

Fesival Danza Gijón

Pe de Pedra, Santiago de Compostela

Dansa Valencia

Festival Tapas y Danza, Zaragoza

Cicle EnDansa, Barcelona

Festival Huellas, Sevilla

Festival 3D, Madrid

Festival 25 Arte Nagusia, Bilbao

Festival TensDansa, Tarrasa

Festival VTV, Vitoria

Festival Mayo en Danza, Vitoria

Festival Alternativa, Santiago de Compostela

Shymphony Space, Nueva York

Project Arts Centre, Dublin

Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona

Teatro Ensalle, Vigo

Teatro La Fundición, Bilbao

Teatro Barakaldo, Bilbao

Sala Cuarta Pared, Madrid

Teatro Pradillo, Madrid

Teatro Carma, Valencia

Teatro EnDanza, Sevilla

Teatro Principal, Zaragoza

Teatro García Lorca, Vitoria

Arriola Antzokia, Elorrio

Amaia Kultur Zentroa, Irun

Teatro Galán, Santiago de Compostela

Teatro Talía, Valencia

Gaztescena, San Sebastián

Teatro Cambaleo, Aranjuez

Teatro Central Lechera, Cádiz

Teatro L'Espai, Barcelona

Centro Párrega, Murcia

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