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Site-specific  45'

In 2015 we initiated a research project focused on the complex relationships between body and space. This began with a residence at Azkuna Zentroa, located in the centre of Bilbao city, which is an old wine warehouse restored into a modern cultural centre in 2010. “Sujetos” is the first outcome of this investigation and was premiered as a site-specific at one of the unique spaces of this emblematic building.

Choreography and direction

Blanca Arrieta

Created and performed by

Robert Jackson, Blanca Arrieta

Music composition, sound coordination

Itziar Madariaga

Preexisting soundtrack

J. S. Bach


Video creation

Ana F Henry - Dreaminpictures


Juan Félix Ruiz

Artistic and technical residency at

Azkuna Zentroa, Bilbao

Artistic residency at

CDART, Erandio

Subsidiced by

Gobierno Vasco - Eusko Jaurlaritza

Departamento de Cultura y Política Linguística



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